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About Dish Destination

Welcome to Dish Destination where you will be able to experience my food journeys.  The journeys will include transferring fresh food finds into final dishes or telling you about my experiences at an interesting restaurant, class, food truck, or food stand.

By no means am I formerly trained cook.  I began cooking with my mother when I was in elementary school.  I started out as her prep chef, snapping beans and peeling potatoes.  As I grew older, I became her sous chef and was given the responsibility of making potato salad, tacos with all the trimmings, banana pudding, and completing any other tasks she instructed me to complete.

How Can I Email You?

Feel free to email me at dppruittjustbe [at] gmail [dot] com (or

I would love to hear from you.  I will be sure to respond to you.

If you would like for me to visit your establishment, simply provide me the address and hours of operation.  If you have a website, please provide it also.  Keep in mind, I live in Chicago, Illinois, but enjoy traveling.  I frequent Mid-Michigan to visit my family.  I venture to Atlanta, Georgia, parts of North Carolina for either business or fun.  And because I need to see something different every now and then, I may just show up in your neck of the woods.


Please give me your honest opinion.  I do ask that you are respectful.  Disrespectful or derogatory comments will not be published.

Also, do not post comments advertising products or businesses.  These comments will not be published.

Please Note:

I write all of my content and take all of my photos.  All text and photos are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission.

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  1. Nicely written. Nice pics! I was there for the preview, too, from 7-9. Sorry I missed you!. Visit my blog post about this topic as well at

    I hope to see you at another food event!

    June 2, 2014
    • We probably were a few inches from each other. I checked out your blog–you have some great pics also. Happy food adventures to you!!

      June 8, 2014

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