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Happy Birthday Stop Three: The Skinny Piggy

My third stop on my happy birthday to me tour was The Skinny Piggy. Yep, you read it right. I skipped over stop number two :-). I will come back to stop 2 another day.

While walking up Taylor Street in the University Village neighborhood of Chicago, there was this green awning that drew me in.

Skinny Piggy

Skinny Piggy Storefront

After I walked in the door, a huge case of naked cupcakes with only a few decorated items captured my attention. I looked around for the menu but could not find one. Turn to your right and there is a wall that will change your life.

Skinny Piggy

The Wall @ Skinny Piggy

This wall helps you get started. At The Skinny Piggy, you get to create your dessert. You choose the base: cupcake, cookie, or brownie. You can fill and top it however you wish. The Skinny Pig has changed the cupcake game in Chicago for me. I am no longer held captive to a menu. I can choose whatever I want.

The first cupcake I created was a lemon cupcake with vanilla cream cheese filling and topped with vanilla cream cheese icing and pistachios.

Skinny Piggy

1st Treat

The second cupcake was a vanilla cupcake with Rumchata filling and topped with vanilla cream cheese icing, crumbled Snickers, and caramel drizzle.

Skinny Piggy

2nd Treat

The Skinny Piggy located at 1214 West Taylor Street is definitely a keeper. I am looking forward to returning just so I can try one of their malts–sipping on ice cream along with your favorite cupcake, cookie, or brownie is right up my alley.

If you want something different in delicious treat offerings, check out The Skinny Piggy. I bet they will change your life 🙂

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