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A Dessert Good for the Soul: Vegan Key Lime Parfait

Back in January, I posted a recipe for a ‘chocolate’ mint shake that replaced ice cream with an avocado to create a thick decadent vegan shake. No, I am not a vegan and nor am I on the road to becoming a vegan. But I am in search of healthy alternatives to the foods that I love.

One thing that I love is key lime pie. I wish I could eat key lime pie everyday. Unfortunately, my body won’t allow me to eat my favorite dessert everyday. Sometimes, if I look at a slice too long, I believe my hips instantaneously get a half inch wider 🙂

I eat key lime pie every now and then. But I found an awesome alternative to conventional key lime pie. I created a reduced fat version that is quick and simple. As long as you have your favorite granola, you can create a quick, simple, and delicious version to satisfy your cravings.

Vegan Key Lime Pie

Vegan Key Lime Parfait

Key Lime Parfait

2 large ripe avocados
2 tablespoons key lime juice
1 tablespoons agave nectar
1 cup granola NOTE: I used Trader Joe’s Just the Clusters Maple Pecan Cereal
1/4 unsalted roasted pecans, chopped

ONEPeel avocados and remove the pits.
TWOAdd avocados, key lime juice, and agave nectar to food processor or blender.
THREEBlend all ingredients until smooth.
FOURChill mixture for at least an hour.
FIVELayer your favorite cups with granola, then with the vegan key lime mixture, then granola, then vegan key lime mixture, and top with pecans.
SIXServe and enjoy!!

Makes approximately 2 parfaits when each container that holds 9.5 ounces of liquid.

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  1. I have never had key lime pie, I’m not a big fan of lime but that sholl looks guud!!! LOL

    September 7, 2014
    • Thank you S. Glover LOL!! You can always substitute the key lime juice with lemon juice 🙂 Thank YOU for checking out Dish Destination!

      September 7, 2014
  2. Liz Kara #

    I’ve always wondered how desserts made with avocados worked/tasted. Guess I’ll have to find out! I bet my dad–he calls himself a key lime pie connoisseur–wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s made with avocados! Plus, he has been thinking about becoming a vegan . . . Maybe this will be the boost he needs to finally do it.

    September 8, 2014
    • Thank you for stopping by Dish Destination. This parfait was many trial & errors before I found the right combination of key lime juice & agave nectar. I hope you & your dad enjoys this recipe. Let me know what you think 🙂

      September 9, 2014

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