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Move Over Deep Dish: Craft Pizza is in Town

Tuesday, June 3rd, Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood will have a new restaurant to open its doors to the community. Located on the corner of West Potomac Avenue and North Damen Avenue, Craft Pizza, will offer a variety of pies in a modern casual dining environment.

Craft Pizza

Craft Pizza

These pizza pies are not made in the traditional Chicago deep dish style….no, no, no. Each pie is made with a thin crust that had me eating even the end crusts. The light crust is a complex combination that knows when to be crispy and when to be chewy with each bite.

What about the ingredients on the pizza? You ask. Well, the amazing crust does not over power the other ingredients. The red sauce and basil on the margherita pizza tasted as if someone picked the tomatoes and basil directly from a garden that morning.

Craft Margherita

Craft Margherita

My favorite house pie is the white truffle pie made with whole milk and fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano/grana padano, truffle oil, and sea salt. And no I didn’t forget anything 🙂 The white truffle pie does not have sauce. The simplicity of the of this pie gave me the opportunity to appreciate the fresh cheeses. As for the white truffle oil, let’s just say it was delish.

White Truffle Pie

White Truffle Pie

Whether you are a meat lover or vegetable lover, there is something at Craft Pizza for everyone. Choose from 11 varieties of house pies or build your own unique pie. Craft Pizza offers 2 sizes, 14 inches or 18 inches. The slices are cut in traditional triangle so everyone can enjoy the end crust 😉 Also, chicken is not offered as a meat; but no need to despair. The meatless options more than satisfying for me. House pies range from $12 to $24. The build your own option base price (without toppings) is $12 for a 14 inch or $16 for an 18 inch pie.

Scott Toth and his partner has something special that they are bringing to Wicker Park (By the way, we want something special on the South side 😉 ). Craft Pizza is located at 1252 North Damen Avenue. Stop by or give them a call at 773-4CRAFT. Salads, antipasta, and artisan pizzas are available during lunch and dinner for dine in or take out only. Sorry, delivery is not available because Craft Pizza is dedicated to maintaining the quality of their artisan pies for the customers. Also, boil and bake bagels, pastries, and Chicago’s own Sparrow Coffee will be available for breakfast from 8am to 11am on Saturday and Sunday. WARNING: If you are driving, finding parking may be a bit of a scavenger hunt. After you find a parking space, your experience at Craft Pizza will be well worth it. NOTE: They are BYOB and do not sell liquor.

My Experience @ Craft Pizza

My Experience @ Craft Pizza

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