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A Taste of Spain: Emilio’s Tapas Restaurant

I have never travelled to Spain. But if I travelled to Spain, I bet the country tastes like Emilio’s Tapas Restaurant in Hillside, Illinois (approximately a forty minute drive northwest from the city of Chicago).

The server will not place chips and salsa on your table while you wait for your lunch or dinner. You will not find tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas on the menu. Emilio’s Tapas Restaurant offers authentic cuisine from Spain.

Emilio’s offers cold and hot tapas, soups, salads, as well as a number of entrées. If you are willing to wait thirty minutes for your meal, Emilio’s have 3 varieties of paellas for you to choose from.

I had the pleasure of feasting on Croquettas Pollo (chicken croquettes), Pollo al Curri (curry chicken salad), and Paealla de Mariscos (seafood paella) Each dish was full of flavor and packed with fresh ingredients. Trust me, the paella was worth the wait (and was superb the next day).

Each dish was brought out one at a time. This isolated the flavors of each dish and allowed me to savor the authenticity of each plate.

Emilio’s is a popular destination in Hillside. I suggest that you make reservations if you want to enjoy great food served with exceptional service.

My Experience @ Emilio's Tapas Restaurant

My Experience @ Emilio’s Tapas Restaurant

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