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I Want Mussels: My Visit to L. Isaacson & Stein Fish Co.

With prices increasing at the grocery stores, I decided to try my hand at L. Isaacson & Stein Fish Co. a few weeks ago. If you can stand the smell, you will have your pick of fresh seafood. For some items the prices were inline with what I pay at the grocery store. For other items, I don’t buy regularly, Isaacson’s seemed like a decent deal. Located in the West Loop at 800 W. Fulton Street, not only will you be able to purchase fresh seafood that you put in the bag yourself, Isaacson’s will clean it for you too.

L. Isaacson's & Stein Fish Company

L. Isaacson’s & Stein Fish Company

I was feeling a little adventurous and purchased two pounds of mussels. After it was all said and done, two pounds of mussels do not seem like a lot since they were weighed with the shell on. I learned a lot about cooking mussels. I didn’t know that when the shells are tightly closed that they are still alive. When you buy them, you will want to cook them the same day. If they are left in tap water or in the refrigerator, you would kill the mussels and they will open up. Before cooking mussels, please watch this video from My Kitchen Table, How to Clean Mussels, for additional instructions for preparing mussels for cooking.

After I cleaned my mussels, I cooked them in Coconut Lime Sauce.

Mussels in Coconut Lime Sauce

2 pounds of Mussels (cleaned)
1 16 ounce can Coconut Milk (I didn’t use ‘light’ coconut milk.)
Juice from 2 Limes
1 teaspoon Agave Nectar
1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

ONECombine all ingredients, except the Mussels, in a saucepan.
TWOUsing a hand blender, blend the ingredients for about 30 seconds or 1 minute until thoroughly blended.
NOTE: If you do not have a hand blender, you can blend the ingredients a blender. If you use a blender, transfer the blended ingredients to the saucepan. The benefit to using a hand blender is that you can blend ingredients directly in the pot.
THREECook ingredients for about 5 minutes on medium heat.
FOURAdd mussels to sauce and cover saucepan with a top.
FIVECook mussels for about 10 minutes or until they open.

Mussels in Coconut Lime Sauce

Mussels in Coconut Lime Sauce

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