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Satisfy That Sweet Tooth: Glazed and Infused

Walking around the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, I ran into a giant doughnut painted on the side of what looked to be an industrial building. As I turned the corner of the building, I saw a smaller replica of the giant doughnut sign sitting on the sidewalk letting me know Glazed and Infused was open for business.

Glazed and Infused

Glazed and Infused

I walked through the door to find a large clear display case filled with doughnuts. The Maple Bacon Long John was the first one to meet my gaze. Since I don’t eat pork, I politely passed on the long john.

My eyes continued to search the case to settle on two lucky doughnuts. One of the customers suggested the Red Velvet. The Red Velvet has cream cheese frosting swirled on top. Since I was walking, I didn’t think that the frosting would hold together and I wasn’t in the mood to eat the doughnut sooner than later. There were Chocolate4, and Luck Charm (specialty doughnut for St. Patrick’s Day), and Old-Fashioned along with a host of other flavors.

I ended up buying Gluten-Less and Apple Fritter. The Gluten-Less is a doughnut that isn’t 100% gluten free; but it has less gluten than Glazed and Infused’s other options. The Gluten-Less doughnut is a cake doughnut that isn’t heavy but it is packed with flavor. The Gluten-Less doughnut I had was a mildly spiced doughnut covered with a vanilla glaze. My other selection was the Apple Fritter. This gigantic fritter appears to be the standard apple fritter; but it isn’t so standard. Glazed and Infused fills their Apple Fritter with chunks sweet cinnamon spiced apples where other Apple Fritters only have specks of apples.

Apple Fritter (top left), Gluten-Less (front right)

Apple Fritter (top left), Gluten-Less (front right)

What I appreciated about the Apple Fritter and the Gluten-Less is that even though they are fried, they do not have a greasy after taste that lets you know that they are fried. This allows you to taste the unadulterated flavors of the doughnuts.

I look forward to tasting Glazed and Infused’s other doughnuts. If you want to visit Glazed and Infused in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, they are located at 813 West Fulton Market. They are other locations around the Chicago area. Glazed and Infused opens early and most locations close early. Check out the link for Glazed and Infused for more information.

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