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Gnocchi Like No Other

Yesterday for lunch, I had the pleasure of eating gnocchi for the first time. It is something short of paradise, when you try a food for the first time and absolute love it.

The gnocchi was bursting with the taste of truffles as I chewed each bite. I thought I could not even eat dinner because I did not want my lunch destination experience to be reduced to a passing moment in time. Yes, I am a little dramatic; but I want to hold on to the experience.

Where did I get this fresh gnocchi from bursting with the flavor of garlic, four cheeses, and truffles? I hopped the number 151 bus to the Urban Market Chicago located in the lower level of the Chase Tower Building (10 S. Dearborn Street).

Taste of Paradise

Taste of Paradise

Who made this dish? Chef Fabio Viviani is the answer. Do I really have to wait until May for Chef Fabio to set-up a permanent space at the Urban Market Chicago to taste that fabulously fresh gnocchi again? I hope not.

Chef Fabio & team hard @ work

Chef Fabio & team hard @ work

I am glad I took that bus ride to break loose from the usual half mile radius for lunch. I challenge you to try something new. There is an abundance of great food out there waiting on you to try. Give yourself permission to try something new. You might just be amazed.

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