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Step Up Your Game: Wilton Decorating Basics Course 1

This year I was determined to learn how to frost a cake. I can easily dig frosting out of a can with a butter knife and smear it all over a cake. That is how I have done it for years. Just picture a lopsided cake with crumbs stuck to the frosting & wallah, cake is served. The cakes were moist and tasted awesome. They didn’t ‘look’ as if I put effort into them.

After four weeks of hands on instruction at Wilton’s Decorating Basics Course 1, I developed a better appreciation for cake decorators. Cake decorating takes time, patience, and an eye for detail.

Decorating Basics Course 1

Decorating Basics Course 1

In Course 1, you learn how to decorate with butter cream frosting. Keep in mind, you do not learn how to bake a cake. You practice techniques on cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

WARNING: You will spend more money than the cost of the class. You will buy a course kit that includes basic tools used during class. You may pay for additional optional items (for example, gel food coloring, turntable, leveler, additional decorating tips, and etc.). If you do not purchase the butter cream frosting, you will purchase the ingredients to make the butter cream frosting. Trust me, coupons will be your friend.

You do not have to take a Wilton class. There are a number of cake decorating classes you can take. I chose a class that was convenient for my schedule & close to home. I enjoyed meeting new people whose common thread was wanting to learn how to decorate an good looking cake. It was also nice having a knowledgable, patient, and kind instructor.

You can find in depth instructions on YouTube. I am not disciplined enough to learn cake decorating online. But I have found some helpful tips on YouTube.

If you want to step up your cake decorating class, take a class. It will be worth it. I took one class and is looking forward to taking Course 2.

What I Learned

What I Learned

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