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Inspiration Duplication: Homemade Ginger Beer

When I was at Embeya for dinner a few days ago, I inquired about the restaurant’s selection of nonalcoholic drinks. The house ginger beer was the first mocktail my exceptional server named.

Embeya's Ginger Beer

Embeya’s Ginger Beer

With my first sip, I tasted lime with a mild ginger flavor that didn’t hit you in the gut. The ginger flavor of this drink wasn’t as pronounced as traditional Jamaican ginger beers.

Embeya’s ginger beer was not too sweet. The ginger flavor did not overwhelm the drink. This smart combination created a universal mocktail pleasing to most palettes.

Let’s get started. First, you will want to decide how pronounced you would like the ginger flavor to be. Instead of grinding the ginger down in a blender with water & straining the mixture, I boiled the ginger. Boiling the ginger allowed me to control the intensity of the ginger flavor.

I made two batches. Notice the amber hue of the first glass below. This color is from the dark amber agave nectar that I used for the syrup. The second serving is much lighter in hue because I used light agave nectar to for the syrup.

Ginger Beer w/ Dark Amber Agave Nectar

Ginger Beer w/ Dark Amber Agave Nectar

Ginger Beer w/ Light Agave Nectar

Ginger Beer w/ Light Agave Nectar

Check out Embeya’s and mine side by side:

Ginger Beer Comparison

Ginger Beer Comparison

Homemade Ginger Beer

1/4 cup of Ginger Simple Syrup (recipe below)
About 1 cup of Sparkling Mineral Water

ONECombine ginger simple syrup & sparkling mineral water.
TWOPour over ice.

I use sparkling mineral water to give the beverage a slight beer taste that comes with the fermentation process.

I like to use agave nectar instead of white sugar to make my simple syrups. If you do not have agave nectar, use your favorite simple syrup recipe. Be sure to add the fresh ginger and lime juice. Don’t forget to remove the ginger from the simple syrup.

Ginger Simple Syrup

1 cup of Fresh Ginger Root (peeled & cut in cubes)
5 cups of Water
Juice from 1 Lime
1/4 cup Agave Nectar

ONEAdd water & ginger to a medium size pot.
TWOBring to a boil over medium heat.
THREETurn to low heat, cover the pot, & simmer for at least 10 minutes.
NOTE:The longer the ginger boils increases the intensity of the ginger flavor.
FOURRemove from heat.
FIVEStir in agave nectar & lime juice until thoroughly mixed.
SIXStrain mixture.
SEVENPour in an airtight glass container.
EIGHTStore in the refrigerator.

CONGRATULATIONS: You just made a ginger simple syrup.

I preferred the mocktail made with dark amber agave nectar. Make them both and you decide.

To make a cocktail, add you favorite clear liquor. I suggest light rum.

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