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The Great Debate: Juicing vs. Blending or Blending vs. Juicing

Prince vs. Michael Jackson; Ford vs. GM; Honey vs. Agave Nectar; and the list goes on and on as to who or which one is the best. Added to the list of debates is Juicing vs. Blending. Yes, Juicing vs. Blending or Blending vs. Juicing has put healthy eating on the stage with a great debate.

Because I don’t have enough hours in my day, all I wanted to know was how to incorporate more raw vegetables into my day. Eating salads and naked raw veggies began to bore me. As a solution, I began with blending. I purchased a Ninja. Within days I was on the road to blending bliss.

Salads, naked raw vegetables, and smoothies put me on the road to exceeding the recommended vegetable intake per day. But of course, I was not satisfied. I wanted something more. I purchased a Breville juicer.

When I blend, my smoothies remain packed with fiber. Fruits and vegetables are not discarded. I can add fresh herbs to give the smoothies an extra punch of flavor. Sometimes the smoothies are not so smooth because bits of veggies are floating in the glass.

Below is my GREEN ME smoothie I made with 1 cup skim milk:

½ avocado
1 handful of spinach
½ cucumber
½ stalk celery

GreenME Smoothie

GreenME Smoothie

Green ME Ingredients

Green ME Ingredients

When I juice, I have a smooth drink with minimal pulp; but most of the fiber is extracted from the juice. Clean-up takes longer with the juicer than it does with blender. When I just carrots, I can save the carrot remnants for muffins and cakes. The leftovers from apples can be used for apple sauce. Also, I create a juice that is simply juice. It doesn’t contain sweeteners or chemicals.

Below is my WAKE ME UP, I created with the following:

2 apples
2 carrots
1 stalk celery

Wake ME Up

Wake ME Up

NOTE: For the best results, thoroughly wash the vegetables & fruits. Also, use the freshest produce.

Which one do I prefer? Why do I have to choose between juicing and blending? Why does anyone have to choose? Honestly, I do not favor one over the other. I choose a healthier lifestyle. Both, blending and juicing, gives me additional options to healthier eating.

I say do what is best for you when it comes to juicing and blending. Have your fruits/vegetables and drink them too.

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