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Guess Who’s Back!! Happy 2014!!

Happy 2014!!! “Where have you been?” or “What have you been up to?” are questions you might ask (or maybe not). Well I had been enjoying the last half of 2013 that I forgot to write about it.

I celebrated a milestone birthday by visiting some awesome restaurants. The Girl and the Goat and Frontier were my most memorable food experiences. I ate PB&J at Girl and the Goat. I scarfed down tender fried rabbit at Frontier.

I also purchased a cookbook to assist me with my journey to include more vegetables in my life. ‘Soak Your Nuts’ by Karyn Calabrese is an amazing meatless cookbook that didn’t make me sacrifice flavor for health. ‘Soak Your Nuts’ is two cookbooks in one that gives you raw and cooked vegan options.

I purchased a Breville juicer. This was an investment that has paid for itself more than once in 2013. With a combination of herbs, roots, vegetables, and fruits, I have been able to make fresh 100% natural juices packed with vitamins that are also energizing.

I promise I won’t stay away too long. I have scores of recipes to provide. I have restaurants to review. I will review the kitchen tools that I purchased to see if they are worth having in my cabinets. Also, I will give you the 411 on cooking classes I plan on taking that I believe will broaden my foodie horizon.

2014 is going to be filled with fun and food 🙂

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