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Celebrating the Win: Portable Peach Cobbler

Today, I set out on the journey to make Lavendar Lemonade along with some Peach Cobblers.  The Lavendar Lemonade was not exactly what I wanted.  I went to two grocery stores on Saturday before I was able to find dried lavender flowers.  I played and replayed the the steps in my head before I stepped into the kitchen.  I envisioned what was supposed to be Lavendar Lemonade turned into Vanilla Lemonade.  You win some and you lose some and the lemonade was a learning experience.

On a brighter note, I scored a smile when I reused the mason jars to create the Portable Peach Cobbler.  Living in Chicago, driving around on scavenger hunt for fresh peaches during this time of year is not ideal.  Don’t ever be ashamed that you cannot use ‘fresh’ ingredients.  When you cannot buy ‘fresh’, be sure to buy quality ingredients.


Because I couldn’t purchase ‘fresh’ peaches, I made homemade whipped cream.


Instead of using a shortbread cookie or pre-cooked pie crust, I took the time to whip up a nut & cookie crumble that provides a sweet crunchy texture.  I used ginger thin cookies which added a surprisingly bold flavor to the peach cobbler.


Despite the Lavender Lemonade not being everything I hoped it would, the peach cobbler was all of what my taste buds could desire and more  🙂


Homemade Whipped Topping:
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
2 tablespoons Confectionery Sugar

ONECombine Heavy Whipping Cream and Confectionery Sugar in chilled glass mixing bowl.
TWOMix Heavy Whipping Cream and Confectionery Sugar for about fifteen minutes or until mixture is thickened.
THREECover bowl and place in the refrigerator until needed.

Nut & Cookie Crumble:
1 ½ cups unsalted Pecan Pieces
¼ cup pure Maple Syrup
12 Ginger Thin Cookies

ONECrumble Ginger Thin Cookies into medium pieces into a bow and set to the side.
TWOCook Pecan Pieces and pure Maple Syrup in a skillet over medium heat on the stove.
THREEStir mixture ensuring pecans are thoroughly coated for about 5 minutes.

Peach Filling:
3 14.75ounce cans of Peaches in extra light syrup
2 tablespoons Unsalted Butter
¼ cup Agave Nectar
¼ teaspoon Cinnamon
½ teaspoon Nutmeg
1 teaspoon Cornstarch

ONEDrain liquid from the Peaches.
TWOCook first five ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat for about 10 minutes thoroughly stirring mixture.
THREEAfter the peaches are thoroughly cooked, remove from heat.
FOURStir in Cornstarch until mixture has thickened.

Assembling Portable Peach Cobblers:
ONEPrepare 2 mason jars ensuring they have lids.
TWOFill each mason jar with Peach Filling.
THREEAdd Nut & Cookie Crumble.
FOURTop with Whipped Topping.
FIVEPlace lids on the jars.

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